Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Agyness Deyn X Dr. Martens

                                                                            photos and video from here and here, collage i made it!

I thought the collection is very simple and safe, though i was expecting for something more daring than these.   My personal favorite would be the creepers and the acid green heart satchel, gotta have it! What do you think of the collection?

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i-D magazine: The Just Kids Issue

It's been a long time since our last post...blah~~ haha how are you guys doing? we're still alive, yes we're still busy, too with our works. But i miss blogging so much, sorry for the 6 months break or 7? hehe..Let me get to the point, here i post seven out of twelve cover of the "The Just kids Issue" of i-D magazine.  Thought it was fun and yes, youthful, the girls and Ben Drew did a great job in representing the spirit of young vibes that showed on the cover.  Personally, i like the Herieth and Kel Markey one, it was fresh and full of personality, i'm loving the idea of colorful sprays all over and the badass one, Meghan Collison that being photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. Love the mood of the picture though, that terry made in Cara cover. Cant wait to get my copies, yes! 

Which one is your like?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


pictures are from various tumblr

in the mood of relaxing myself due to never-ending projects... i'm having a well deserved 2 weeks break from uni life before it will starts again in the end of february... gonna celebrate it with good movies, good musics, good foods, rearranging my looks somewhat like sinking ship lately, party with friends, making new clothes for the new semester, and planning to go to Bandung or beach but i don't know, we'll see...but it all should be fun, anyway...just boosting my mood up! hehe ^^ have a good day everyone, cheers!